RIB Grand Golden Line Cruiser G580LF

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€ 17.500

+49 (0)6236 399551
Altrip, Germany

Дополнительная информация
Год постройки: 2018
Место стоянки: Германия, Altrip

Технические данные
Длина: 5,85 м (19,2 футов)
Ширина: 2,45 м
Вес: около 535 кг

Двигатель: без двигателя
Топливный бак: 90 л

The GRAND G580LF is a luxurious RIB for leisurely cruising across the vast blue. The unique RIB offers everything your heart desires, coupled with an unbeatable design. Comfortable seats for up to 7 people, cup holders and easily accessible storage areas make the day outdoors enjoyable. The dashboard is very clear and offers space for various ads.

Practical: driver and front passenger seats can be folded up for standing up! Golden Line typically the tail is rounded and extended to the rear, creating an extremely spacious storage space. The driving characteristics are top-notch and the boat comes within a few moments to glide. Before we sing more eulogies, just take a look at the pictures! We are thrilled and you will certainly be!

The G580LF is also available with hypalon hoses. If you are interested you can contact us.

Our ad is an example offer for a GRAND in standard equipment. The delivery time for a new order is about two to three months. You are in a hurry? Call us, we or our dealers will probably have your dream boat in stock!

Details of the engine

Max. Engine: 150 hp
Max. Motor weight: 240kg
Shaft length: long

standard Features

- Deep "V" hull with mirror extension
- GRP cones
- non-slip floor structure
- Bug storage with upholstery
- GRP front plate
- Cup holder
- Large rear storage space
- CL-22 steering console with windscreen, rail and console seat
- SD-22 driver and front passenger seat
- 90l fuel tank
- 2 eyelets for water skiing
- Repairset, paddling, pump
- all required documents