What is the YACHTONLY?

This is the marketplace where you can advertise the sale of boats or yachts, as well as find a boat for purchase from private sellers and brokers.

Is ad placement free?

Yes, at the moment it is absolutely free.

How many days can I post an ad?

An ad is placed for 50 days, after which it will be automatically closed if you do not update it. You can update it for free and renew it an infinite number of times. Before the expiration of the placement you will always receive a notification email.

How many yacht listings can I post?

How many you want.

How will a boat buyer contact me?

Either by phone, which you indicate, or through the request form, which will be sent to you by email.

In which countries can I sell or buy a used yacht?

YACHTONLY is an international trading platform, we do not mark borders.

Do I need to register to publish an ad?

No, special actions are not required, everything happens automatically.

Can I edit or delete my ad?

Of course. After the announcement is posted, a secret key will be sent to you by email, which will provide complete control over your announcement.

What language should I write the description of the yacht?

On any. It’s best to focus on the language of your customers. However, the universal language remains English. Especially among yachtsmen.

How many photos of my yacht can I add?

You can upload 31 photos.

Why is YACHTONLY more effective than other marketplace?

– More audience reach
– YACHTONLY is known to all sellers and buyers of yachts.
– Yachts sell faster
– No pre-registration required
– No payment required
– Free form to fill out your ad
– The most convenient and logical algorithm
– Fastest website
– A boat can be sold or bought anywhere in the world.