Yachtonly.com is a global marketplace for those who want to quickly sell, buy or lease or charter a yacht anywhere in the world.

The aim of the project is to provide a completely free and effective tool, both for professionals in the yachting industry – brokers, and for private shipowners, with the most simplified algorithm for publishing ads.

Our thematic magazine provides information support for yacht exhibitions, publishes reviews of shipyards and manufacturers of marine products, providing a free opportunity to effectively place commercial offers.

The resource embodies the love of the sea and yachts, to the marine lifestyle and unlimited travel. We are actively participating in environmental programs designed to cleanse the world’s oceans from debris that is dangerous for the future of the entire planet.

We are open for communication and ready to answer any questions that you can ask us on social networks or through a convenient contact form.

Our Team

Mikhail Safronov Founder, SEO Twitter
Christina Dufour COO Twitter
Sofia Rossi Co-founder sofia@yachtonly.com
Alessandro De Luca CTO adl@yachtonly.com
Artem Almazov Devt. dev@yachtonly.com
Julia Orlova CMO julia@yachtonly.com
Aurora Conti CFO aurora@yachtonly.com